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March 29, 2005



Lest we forget what happened to Judge Posner. The man writes too much. He will never see a SCOTUS nomination, though he is easily the man for the job.


First off, a great deal of the stuff that the average blogger puts on their site is not relevant to their potential employer anyhow. I mean, does their employer really need to know how, say, a concert went that they attended the weekend before applying for the job? Or any of the various and sundry family & friend issues that bloggers espouse on the net? None of it seems the business of a future boss, unless of course if it's illegal activity or outright grounds for not hiring someone and in that way directly relevant to their employment.

Otherwise, I really wouldn't mind if my employer saw my blog. So long as I maintain it off the clock, it is none of his/her concern.


From a practical standpoint, perhaps a pseudonymous blog would be prudent. Isn't this possible? Of course, you'd tell your friends about it, but potential employers, clients, etc. would not need to know.


I'm that Jack-2 you mentioned, though I usually go by "S. Jack Fan"; I found your blog the exact same way you found mine - I googled myself. This is extremely amusing, to say the least.

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