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November 29, 2005


Big Mike

Interesting note here: Kenneth Starr (filed under 'S' in the 90s Pop-Culture File Room for his involvement in the Monica Lewinsky affair and President Clinton impeachment trial) is now a Dean of Pepperdine University's Law School and offering his services to Robin Lovitt pro-bono.

Also: It appears Virginia Gov. Mark Warner has granted clemency to Lovitt.


Furthermore: I was searching the etymology of the word clemency and found that it comes from the Latin clementia "calmness, gentleness" and the related latin noun "clemens".

Virginia could still be home to the 1000th execution according to's list of scheduled executions. One Daryl Atkins is scheduled for execution on December 2nd.



hehe... you said "penal history"

Walter Concrete

I think the death penalty is a little more serious than the rolling count you propose. This "flip" tone really makes this blog look juvenile.

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